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    Wink Get rid of blank spaces
    I have 2 coloums of data, one for part numbers (1500) and one for keywords(25). Because there is still data in the first field, webmerge adds blank spaces to the end of my keywords. Can someone give me some code to fix this? Thanks

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    I might be able to help if I can understand what's happening. Under what circumstances is WebMerge adding blank spaces, and are they adding them to page names or into the data of the page itself?
    Richard Gaskin
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    First off thanks for the reply, much appriciated. I am trying to make catalog pages of parts we have available (1500 part numbers per page). Then take 25 of those parts and list them as keywords. So I setup my source file like this:
    parts key top bottom
    1a 1a 1a 1500a
    2a 2a
    3a 3a
    4a 4a
    5a ...25a

    Here is some of the code I've been using:
    <title>Parts Catalog [WM-Record][WM-Field: top][/WM-Record] - [WM-Record][WM-Field: bottom][/WM-Record]</title>
    <meta name="Keywords" content="[WM-Record][WM-Field: key], [/WM-Record]">
    <meta name="Description" content="Parts Catalog [WM-Record][WM-Field: top][/WM-Record] - [WM-Record][WM-Field: bottom][/WM-Record]">

    Then in the body of the page I have: </TBODY></TABLE>[WM-Record]<br>
    [WM-Field: parts][/WM-Record]

    The problem is that when it creates the keywords I get 25 part numbers, followed by 1475 commas.

    Thanks again for your time and help.

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