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    Did you know that World War III was avoided on Tuesday?

    Like the president of Russia Mr. Putin said, half an hour after the attack on the U.S. on Tuesday, the U.S. military raised their readiness to a full war time alert. What they also did was have the nuclear warheads all ready and running. Of course automatically this draws a response from the Russians. They had their nuclear heads also ready and running and all of their air force jets in the air.

    As Putin said, only one little incident was enough to trigger a World War III.

    Thank God, both the Americans and the Russians were very cautious and did not take any actions before they thought about it really hard. Of course that they are not enemies now, but this is a system that triggers automatically when the other one takes action.

    Thank God we're still walking on solid ground.

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    Lets pray, that all involved parties wont start anything without thinking about the consequences.


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