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    Problems with new version of Webmerge
    I have downloaded the latest and greatest copy of Webmerge and am having two problems:

    1) I can never get tables to work right in conjunction with the WM RECORD tag. Webmerge often adds extra table data at the end of my table and it throws off my layout on many of my pages every single merge (I can repeat this on three completely different sites/layouts). A friend in Florida using Webmerge is having the same issue with tables. Are we doing something wrong? What's strange is some of the pages generated will work (no extra table data is added) and others won't (extra table data is added), all from the same template and Webmerge profile (I am creating multiple index files based on a field name in my datafeed). There is no rhyme nor reason to this that I can figure out.

    2) Did the new version of Webmerge start omitting the space between words in field names? For example, what once came out Michigan-Wolverines.html (when I'm naming pages based on a field name) is now coming out MichiganWolverines.html. How do I put it back to Michigan-Wolverines like it used to be before? For search engine purposes I don't want to run names together without hyphens or underscores. I am setting up my index file like this:

    [WM-RECORD width=465 cols=2][WM-IndexLabel: TeamName]
    <p><img src="Graphics/square-bullet.gif" width="6" height="6" hspace="6" vspace="0" align="absmiddle"><a href="[WM-FIELD: TeamName replace(" ","-")].cfm" class="mainfont">[WM-FIELD:

    This was working great until the new version stopped doing it this way.

    To sumarize:

    1) Is anybody else having table issues?
    2) Can somebody tell me how to make Wemberge put the - back in file names based off of fields in a datafeed?


    Brad Switzer
    Sites & Sounds
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    1. Which version number (from the About box)?

    2. All reproducible issues have been addressed. If you find a problem not addrressed in the latest test build, in order for me to be able to address it I'll need to reproduce the problem here.

    So if the issues persists with the latest test build please email me:

    - The settings file
    - your template
    - a <2MB portion of your feed

    Once I can reproduce a problem I can usually fix it in minutes.
    Richard Gaskin
    Developer of WebMerge: Publish any data feed on any site

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    Table Problems
    I am using 2.4.1b10.

    I can reproduce the table problem time after time on 3 sites.

    I have emailed you a zip file containing

    1) My Webmerge profile
    2) My html template
    3) My datafeed
    4) My site graphics

    When you run the Webmerge profile you'll see that it breaks the layout of the page...

    Thanks very much for looking into this.


    Brad Switzer
    Sites & Sounds

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