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Thread: Poll: Are the Category Datafeeds Useful?

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    Poll: Are the Category Datafeeds Useful?
    As we prepare to launch our Q1 2006 datafeeds, we would like to get your opinion on the category datafeeds. In 2006, we are working to make our monster feeds even better by eliminating unnecessary or unused datafeeds, while improving the others!

    Please help us by letting us know if you use the category feeds!

    We look forward hearing from all of you!

    Thank you,

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    Where's the poll? <<sarcasm<<

    Breaking up the feed into major categories will likely enable more affiliates to use the feed. However, keeping a complete version is very important, so please don't change that.


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    Fred is right
    Comments are opinion unless otherwise noted. Remember, pillage first. Then burn. Half of all people in the world have IQs under 100. You best learn to trust ol' SSanf!

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