One last thing before I hit the sack... From

On Thursday January 12, 2006, entrepreneur Sam Nurmi, founder of the largest Swedish Web hosting operator Loopia, launched the Internet advertising page to help support the free Firefox Web browser. Each of the one million pixels on the page cost one dollar, and all revenues were to be donated to the non-profit Mozilla Foundation, which develops Firefox through its subsidiary the Mozilla Corp.

The page was a success, generating $13,800 in ad revenues the first day. However, we received feedback from a significant number of Firefox fans voicing concerns about our approach. Many felt that they work hard to make Firefox the worlds best browser and that it should not be relying on this kind of fundraising activities. We took this criticism seriously since one of Firefox’s greatest strengths is the strong support of its users and community and closed the campaign. All sponsors were refunded immediately and Loopia has gone ahead and donated $13,800 to the Mozilla Foundation.

We are very grateful to all who have supported us and the Firefox browser and offer our apologies to any who may have been offended by it.

Sam Nurmi