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    merchant session cookie
    Hi, When a client clicks on a aff. link, three cookies are stored in the clients PC.

    1. the commission junction cookie
    2. the qksrv cookie
    3. the merchants session cookie

    When I tried some test sales I found that sometimes the merchants session cookie is not displayed. What would happen with the commission if a client buys and has no session cookie stored?


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    It depends on which tracking method the merchant uses.

    Many merchants use the network cookie and a tracking pixel on the confirmation page in near real-time.

    Other merchants do the tracking on their end and batch sales.

    It's not always obvious which method the merchants use.

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    Thanks Micheal.
    In the first case the merchant only looks if there is a qksrv. cookie set and then the commission is assigned to that member of
    In the second case the merchant sets his own cookie and if that cookie is found the commission is paid. Correct?


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