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Thread: Betty Mills Datafeed Structure Notice

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    Betty Mills Datafeed Structure Notice
    Attention all BettyMills Affiliates:

    We have recently changed the look to the BettyMills website by adding tabs to signify BettyMills main business segments which are currently:
    • Jansan
    • Office Products
    • Furniture
    • Outdoor
    Each Tab represents a business segment, and in each of these tabs, the user can browse super-category, category and subcategory.

    While in the past there were only two jansan super-categories in the datafeed, 'maintenance & safety' and 'Cleaning & Sanitation', we basically shifted the jansan category structure up a level so that Jansan categories are now super-categories, per list below.


    • Air Freshener & Odor
    • Brooms & Brushes
    • Carts, Trucks, Cabinets
    • Cleaning Supplies, Chemicals
    • Facility Maintenance
    • First Aid & Safety
    • Floor & Carpet Care
    • Floor Pads & Sponges
    • Food Service Items
    • Hand Wipers & Rags
    • Mops & Buckets
    • OSHA Training Videos
    • Soaps & Dispensers
    • Squeegee & Matting
    • Tissues & Dispensers
    • Vacuum & Floor Machines
    • Waste Can Liners
    • Waste Receptacles
    This is a major improvement, since now in the datafeed instead of just two divisions in the 'Store ID' column, "Office Products" or "Cleaning & Maintenance", you now will have 4 divisions and can better emulate the BettyMills website structure.

    Hopefully, this should not affect your Betty Mills affiliate website, however since we do not know exactly how each of you uses the datafeed, it's impossible to be certain- so please make note of these changes.

    The feed is almost ready to be pushed up. We will notify you all as soon as it is.

    If you have any questions, please let us know.

    Victor Hanna, The BettyMills Company
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    Great Victor, thanks.


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