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    Proposal to Revoke 2002 ABW Best Network Provider Award
    It just makes me sick to my stomach that Stephen Messer continues to tout this award that Linkshare is no longer deserving.

    In fact, in that speaker bio, he claims personal ownership of the award. I don't think the award was ever granted to Stephen Messer.

    Not only has Linkshare refused to terminate a known violator,, they even have the unmitigated gall of featuring them on the same page as a press release as recently as two months ago.

    The debacle caused by Athena whose effects continue ripple throughout their network clearly indicates their rush to implement a system that was way before its readiness and done so prematurely only to line their own pockets to the detriment of their entire userbase.

    Their primary customer service channel, email support, is a joke. They go for days without responding and sometimes never respond at all. If they have the resources to provide almost full-time monitoring of ABW yet they don't even respond to emails, their priorities are clearly out of sync. Do they officially tell their merchants and affiliates about ABW--i.e., post there and you have a better chance of getting your issue addressed than contacting us directly? Of course not. It's a damn shame that the only way to get an answer is by posting here or on another affiliate marketing message board.

    This award should no longer be touted because it's no longer merited and should be revoked.

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    Given this award was for three years ago their actions today should not count toward that award. It should most certainly, their actions I mean, be considered for any future awards.

    I understand your frustration, I really do. LinkShare has made a bed for itself and now has to lay in it. It's up to us to decide if we want to be bed partners and cozey up with someone who allows parasites and such.
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    Give them the 2006 ABW Worst Network Provider Award, then whenever you see him spouting off about the 2002 one, let them know about the 2006 one too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbert
    Give them the 2006 ABW Worst Network Provider Award, then whenever you see him spouting off about the 2002 one, let them know about the 2006 one too.

    This is a mix of the song, "It's Too Late Baby" and quasi Statute of Limitations

    They got the award 4 years ago -- there are warranties that expire within that period.

    I agree with Drewbert

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