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    Cj Problem well sorta.....
    Has anyone else had this problem? Yahoo & Googlebot keep following my affiliate links. Usually the bots will not trigger my links, but for some reason they are. I have other sites tooled the same. The bots are only triggering the one site. This has been going on for about a 4 days. I do a simple headder redirect when the link is click so I can track the click.

    I am using PHP, has anyone developed a good way to determine if the visitor is a bot and choose a different destination? I have similar code on some of my pages but it is not fool proof.
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    If you're cloaking your links using php, put the redirect file in it's own category and disallow all bots from following links there.
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    Even then, some will get through. The good ones like Googlebot will obey robots.txt, but some won't. In addition to robots.txt, I use a list of "bad" User Agents and "bad" IP addresses to stop bad bots from going through my redirect link.

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