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    working BOTH sides
    This may seem like a complete DUH !!! but.....

    I have a few websites. some that make product, some that sell product and a couple that I would like to do both.

    My main gastric bypass site, i mainly create content including some ebooks. I have recently signed up with SaS to help sell these, but I would also like to sell other peoples products on this site.

    Now I didn't officially take the short bus to school, but I don't see anything wrong or unethical with this. Am I missing any glaring issues here?


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    It's all good until you have your own affiliates and you send their traffic to a site with your affiliate links on it.
    They will let you know if this happens

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    Yup. Search these forums for the term "leaks" and you'll see why you would scare the big affiliates off (the smart ones, really).
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