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Thread: Oprah Special on Avian Flu Rocks Betty Mills!

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    Oprah Special on Avian Flu Rocks Betty Mills!
    Early this week Oprah did a show on the Avian Bird Flu, which featured several N95 masks. After the show aired, Betty Mills saw sales boom!!!

    To help you get in on the action while itís hot, we have created a new button featuring these masks in conjunction with prevention of the Avian Flu! Check out creative 1186619 and cash in big while the going is good!

    Donít miss out on this one, itís sure to be a BLOCKBUSTER!

    Thanks Oprah!

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    I wish I had caught that Oprah - my message board is going crazy talking about it.
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    clue me in how to find that creative. I've tried searches for 1186619, and N95 with no luck.

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    Log in, click campaigns, go to 'Blast off with Betty Mills' and search on the term 'flu' or just click the link below.

    Here is the link to the creative. You will need your login info.

    Fyi - During the SARS epidemic, Betty Mills sold hundreds of thousands of N95 certified face masks, if not millions of them. It was bizarre.

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