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    Merchant Advertising Question
    Hi everyone. I hope this question is in the right forum. If not let me know.

    I have a merchant who wants to advertise in my newsletter and put their coupons on my website. They are not a part of a affiliate network like CJ. My question is can someone give me some guidelines on what I should charge them for advertising? Also what would be the best to handle the coupons as far as tracking click throughs and orders. Any infomation would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DHolland
    They are not a part of a affiliate network like CJ.
    Do they have an in-house program or they just do not run any affiliate program?


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    Best case, how much would you make per month from a comparable merchant who did have an affiliate program? That's what I would charge.

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    WOW. What a loaded question.. It really depends on a few things.

    How long have they advertised with you? How many impressions are they getting. What would a comparable site charge given the same metrics and offer?

    If you have a good relation with this merchant maybe you could track actual clicks using a web analytic page or even something simple like..adminder or hypertracker. For about $20 a month you can see how many clicks they are getting and from there this is where the fun begins.

    After getting the nummber of clicks, findout a ballpark conversion rate for a similar product if you can. Now you can get an idea of the CPA for them on your site and you know what they pay CPA networks for the same conversions.

    So if the CPA for them on your site is $10 and similar products on other networks are $20 know you can still charge more and every one still makes money.

    But as my boss in a former job used to say "Bulls make money, Bears make money. But pigs get slaughtered" You don't need to squeeze every cent.. just my humble opinion and 2 cents..

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