Hi all,

I am busy building a number of websites dediscted to offering online visitors information about different countries and cities with regard to activites, places to see, services, Hotel bookings, Car Hire etc etc. I am planning to extend this venture to many more countries and cities and in order to do this I am looking for motivated people willing to put the time into designing their own country or city wbesite by using my developed templates including the bokking engines.
please only reply if you have a basic knowledge of webdesign and are totally motivated enough to join us in our venture. At the moment I have 2 others working on this developing 2 websites.
For the moment we have www.discovertheworldonline.com, www.discoverirelandonline.com & www.discoverhollandonline.com.
Want to earn money from commisions from reservations through your website if you join us then feel free to contact me at: mrgahan@gmail.com