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    January 17th, 2005
    Ritz Camera's Move to CJ - ??
    Should we be deleting Ritz Camera since it's only on your BeFree list or will it still be active on BeFree .. or will you be adding it as a CJ merchant before Feb 1?

    Maybe you've sent eMails about this and other merchants, but my Compuserve mailbox sends me so much Spam there's usually no room in it for most email I need and I've discovered there's a lot I don't get!

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    Mr. GoldenCan
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    May 30th, 2005
    Ritz Camera from CJ will be activated at GoldenCAN today. I will make a post and send an email as soon as it is live.

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    Mr. GoldenCan
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    May 30th, 2005
    RitzCamera CJ is now available at GoldenCAN.

    You can use GoldenCAN one line of code to display entire catalog or any selected category of RitzCamera on your website.

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