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    How many leaks does one merchant need?
    I recently ran across a merchant that I would have like to join for a new site.

    Holy cow, just how many leaks does this merchant think that affiliates will put up with?

    On one page alone:
    two adsense ads, one chitika ad, two different affiliate programs, google search and a google revenue ad

    That's 7 on one page! No way would I ever consider being affiliated with this merchant. Even if all of the leaks were cleaned up, one has to wonder why this merchant would consider breaking the TOS with google.

    No, I'm not gonna tell who it is, I just wanted to vent.

    Thanks for listening lol
    I disagree with Kay Jewelers. I would bet on any given Friday or Saturday night more kisses begin with Bud Lite than Kay.

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    It doesn't happen to be a jewellery merchant does it? One I looked a while ago had all their product feed links landing on pages with the centre section being one large ppc page, with some more ppc around the side. It was quite hard to navigate to their actual sales pages. The thing is they still had decent looking stats.

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