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    Linkshare Direct Depositing
    Adsense finally has the direct deposit option available in 16 countries and checks issued in local currency for another 28 countries, but what are the payment options offered by this affiliate program?

    Is there direct deposit? If so what countries?


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    Currently, LinkShare only offers direct deposit for US-based affiliates. We are working to develop direct deposit for international affiliates.

    If you are a US-based affiliate, you have the option of signing up for direct deposit once your first physical check clears. To sign up follow these directions:
    -- Go to the Payment Information section of Your Profile where you can sign up for Direct Deposit (“Click here if you would like to switch your Preferred Payment Method to Direct Deposit")
    -- Review the Direct Deposit agreement and select Agree
    -- Enter your Bank ID, Bank Name and Deposit Account ID in the Payment Information box
    -- Hit the Update button at the bottom of the screen
    -- Select Initiate Random Deposits in the Payment Information box. LinkShare will issue two random deposits to your account which can take seven to nine business days to post
    -- Once these deposits post, you need to come back to the Payment Information area of Your Profile to enter and verify the amounts
    -- Once verified, you are enabled for direct deposit


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    At the LinkShare Summit, they announced that they will be rolling out direct deposit in at least a dozen other countries (Canada, Australia and parts of Europe, I think) very soon.

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