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    "According to a story in the New York Post, Google has been looking to develop its own music service and is exploring a possible alliance or even an outright purchase of Napster."

    Interesting ... Goog apparantly jumping into the music machine, although Goog denies it. They are certainly voracious and hungry for even more of the Internet share, huh? Gotta love their aggressive go-for-it. Guess we could watch what they're about to do and jump in, too. Although music has been done to death, it's still a big commercial area online. Maybe Google Music will have an aff program in the near future.

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    Google could probably buy half the internet if they wanted to.
    (and some people call them a monopoly NOW)

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    Well as of today before the stock market opens Google can buy about 10% less than yesterday.

    From -

    "Memories of the Internet bubble of a few years ago are being resurrected after Google posted earnings that failed to satisfy Wall Street. The stock has lost about ten percent of its value in after hours trading, erasing billions of dollars in investor wealth."

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