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    Lightbulb Affiliate Connections 101
    Affiliate Connections™
    LinkConnector’s Affiliate Connections technology provides a quick and dynamic system to help affiliates find optimal promotions for their sites. Using this technology, an affiliate can sample multiple promotions from one or more merchants. The Affiliate Connections system then optimizes the display to the better performing links on the affiliate's site thereby increasing earnings for both the affiliate and merchant.

    Currently, an affiliate grabs code from an Affiliate Network to promote a merchant’s product or services. This code is placed on an affiliate’s site in the form of a link (text, banner, or otherwise). The code is specific to a merchant and its promotion. LinkConnector’s Affiliate Connections technology will allow an affiliate to break free of this paradigm by allowing an affiliate to create a connection to LinkConnector. This client-side code requests a promotion from LinkConnector on every page view of an affiliate’s site. With LinkConnector dynamically populating the content on an affiliate’s site, the possibilities for optimization are almost limitless.

    With Affiliate Connections, affiliates are able to create and establish a connection and then manage that connection from within the LinkConnector interface. They are able to add multiple promotions to one connection to be optimally (or specifically) served. These promotions could be all from the same merchant or could include multiple merchants at the same time. Over time, LinkConnector automatically recognizes better performing promotions and optimizes the views to maximize an affiliate’s earnings.

    In addition to the obvious benefit to affiliates, merchants will also benefit from this technology. Affiliate Connections helps more affiliates find an optimal match for their traffic. This increases the number of top performing affiliates for a merchant. Not only are merchants matched up with better performing affiliates, these affiliates will find the merchants more quickly.

    So, how does it work?

    First, you will need to create a new connection. Here are the steps you would take:

    Step 1: Login to your affiliate account at

    Step 2: Click on the ‘Affiliate Connections’ menu item under the ‘Campaigns’ menu. Click on the ‘Add New Connection’ hyperlink. Input a connection name and select the desired optimization type—fast or slow. Fast optimization is based on daily changes, while slow optimization is based on weekly changes.

    Step 3: Once you have created the connection to use, click on the ‘Manage Links’ hyperlink in the ‘Actions’ column of the applicable connection.

    Step 4: Click on the ‘Add New Links’ hyperlink and filter to an appropriate merchant, if desired, in the ‘Merchant’ drop down in the ‘Link Filter’ box.

    Step 5: Check the link(s) you wish to add and click the ‘Submit’ button.

    Step 6: If you desire to optimize a link within a connection, select ‘yes’ in the ‘Optimize?’ column and the weight will automatically be assigned and later optimized. If you wish for a link to be specifically served within a connection, select ‘no’ in the ‘Optimize?’ column and input the desired weight.

    Step 7: After all links within a connection are set as desired, save the connection by clicking on the ‘Save’ button.

    Step 8: Click on the ‘Get Code’ hyperlink in the ‘Actions’ column of the applicable connection and copy the entire code exactly as it appears onto your web page where you wish the creative to appear.

    Once an Affiliate Connection is set up, an Affiliate can obtain code to place on their site (as stated above in Step 8). The code looks like the following:

    <SCRIPT language=Javascript src=""></SCRIPT><NOSCRIPT><a href="" >Need a Tax Amendment? Click Here.<img src="" border="0" width="1" height="1"></a></NOSCRIPT>

    Finally, you can view your reports to see optimization at work. Once you have sufficient data to analyze, you can make decisions to add/remove links from your connection to find the best performing offers for your site.

    We are working on improvements to Affiliate Connections like the ability for an affiliate to add links outside of LinkConnector to a Connection to be served along with optimized LinkConnector links. This will enable affiliates to use Affiliate Connections as a banner rotator, combining LinkConnector links with links from other networks.

    Happy to discuss this if there are questions!


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    Sounds like a nice feature. Does it try to optimize based on CTR, CPC, CPM, or what?

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    Will you be ignoring any serious questions raised as you did here?

    Will you be addressing your first click payout anytime soon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelColey
    Sounds like a nice feature. Does it try to optimize based on CTR, CPC, CPM, or what?

    It optimizes primarily based on views (impressions) which is slightly different than CPM. That way all promotions can be evaluated according to how they do on a per view basis. A particular creative may not do as well on CTR, but the product or service may be first rate, thereby causing that promotion to perform better on a per view basis than others in the Affiliate Connection.

    Quote Originally Posted by chetf
    Will you be ignoring any serious questions raised as you did here?

    We are certainly not ignoring your post or those from others. As will note, you all have given us a few things to consider (which we are doing). Some of these issues deal with core technology or marketing issues for our company and so we need to consider the ramifications of any changes on our business.

    I'm sure you can appreciate that. We only ask you to display a bit more patience as we intend to start answering most of these posts on Monday.

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