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    January 18th, 2005
    <IMG src=> Venting I guess,

    After letting my funds dwindle at the end of august and account going offline I let it ride until sept 18 or thereabouts.

    I replenish my funds and bids etc and I guess did not meet the minimum monthly spend. <IMG src=> Well, they get their money and I don't get traffic. God!<IMG src=>

    Okay it wasn't that much money but what a bunch of fricken crooks! I will see their end and if I can be the cause of it, I can only hope. is going to be the end of goto. My lifes new mission ( we all need one)

    I'm not very good at being angry<IMG src=>

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    January 18th, 2005
    New York

    I called Goto and asked them to delete all my previous listings and bulk uploaded new keywords for ABW (over 225)
    Just before my account went to zero I made it a "fixed plan" of $50 because otherwise I would have to deposit $180 (3 days of clicks). Of course, the Einsteins at Goto saw this as a payment under my recurring account ..... and my old keywords used up the fixed amount of $50 in 2 hours (3am-5am EST) and the account went offline. Now to bring it back ... I have to pay the $180 or wait a month


    PS. Can you make a 468X60 Searchbox for

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    January 18th, 2005
    They are nuts! LOL Truthfully I can't see them lasting too much longer.

    Haiko as for the search box I will work on it. The problem is I'm not much with graphics so I was thinking of running a contest of some sort(or???).

    Well since I am at it here. Does anyone want to exchange banner design and logo design for traffic or money etc.(wash your car polish your shoes)?

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    Get out of that fast. If it's not producing results, dump it. Clearly, its not. Thanks for the post about them. I will never use them.

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