Hopefully it is OK to post these questions here...they are not exactly in relation to the webmerge templates or software, but rather the final structure of a two tiered site that I am building.

I am familiar with some of the general meta guidelines and keyword prominence concerns in relation to Google. My question has two parts and hopefully someone with success or failure with what I have in mind can help (I have been a champion with Yahoo and a super-looser with Google in the past) I've tried to do all my Google homework this time, but still have some questions.

Q.1 Would it be a mistake to take the same descriptions that I am using in a list format on my category index pages and individually import them into each seperate detail page (ie)

1st Tier Cat Page
linked title
(new desc on same page for each record in category)
(many different descriptions on each cat page)

Detail Page
(one record specific description which is the same one that appears once on the list of records on the category index page with the linked title that accesses this page)
(there is other text on the detail pages as well, but this main desc. appears just after the title at the top)

Q.2 If this is a positive way to approach the issue, is it OK to make several different index pages for detail pages that could potentially be listed under multiple categories for ease of use (detail page would not be duplicated)

I hope someone can give me a little guidance on this, I would assume that since all of the words are in alot different order and structure on the two different pages, that this would not be a duplication of content, but it is the same description, so I am puzzled as to whether it might be considered this.

Help Please Please Please


Tom F.