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    Perl Test Scripts
    I want to learn how to write scripts in perl for testing other applications or the code. I have some perl programming books, but i cant figure how to write scripts for testing other applications using that.

    Could someone help me on this or tell me the sites or free books that are available online that can help me in this?

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    What do you mean that you want to write a perl script to test "other applications or the code"?

    The perl interpreter itself has a built-in syntax checker. For example, to test a file you would type the command:

    perl -cW

    Options start with a - (hyphen). The c option causes the syntax of the specified perl script to be checked rather than running the specified perl script. And the W (capital W) option enables all possible warnings to be displayed.

    Note that all the scripts that we make are encoded and will not return any useful results from "perl -cW".

    See also:

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    Perl Test Scripts
    To test other applications i meant to test applications other than perl, ie;to test applications like PHP.

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    So you want to write an application in PERL that makes queries to a PHP-based website, to test for??????

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    There's a Test::WWW::Mechanize module that lets you build perl test cases using the mech interface. So you'd write a test case that loads a page, checks for the elements you want, maybe follows some links, etc. Put that under a Test::Harness and then you can group multiple tests under a nice interface. Both of these are on CPAN, and have good documentation.

    I've also been reading PHP Hacks from O'Reilly, and the author has a few hacks on how to do unit testing in PHP. The book isn't handy now, but you might consider having a look.


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