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    Warning to Merchants Here Who Spam.....
    It's just plan stupid to spam members here when you participate at this forum. You either picked up the email addy around here or you bought it from Collins. Either way, it's just stupid, stupid, stupid and stupid. It's bad enough when I'm 'magically' on NetTraction's newsletter list. But at least that's related to AM (although it's not an email address I want that kind of stuff coming to) and NetTraction is now on my personal questionable list for doing so.

    But for God's sake, to be so stupid as to spam me with just your product? It wasn't even about your affiliate program at all....just regular old spam for what you sell. I don't care if it is 'that time of year' for what you push. Forced opt-out is spam in my book, I don't appreciate getting it especially to email addresses I reserve strictly from business correspondence and it smells to high heaven of desperation marketing that you'd be sending it to addy's gathered from your affiliate marketing contacts.

    Off to put this particular merchant who posts here on my ignore list. And I've now added your email address to my email filters for automatic delete. Hope you never need to contact me about real business.

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    Not only what was said above - If you are one of my merchants - I will be pulling all of your links and replacing you with another merchant that sells the same things you do - but who does not spam me.

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    this might be a good category (merchant spammers) to add to our RSS blacklist that's coming from AvantLink. We're already building a list of parasites and cookie stuffers and publishing same..

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