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    SAS: Any Outdoor Merchants?
    hey there!

    this is a 2 part post.

    are there any outdoor related affiliate merchants here at SAS??? if so drop me a line!

    i just created a new site ( still under construction) and would like to add 1 sole merchant that i can trust and work with to promote on my site. this one affiliate should have a 'good' selection of fishing/outdoor equipment.

    2 reasons why i am asking this:

    1. You guys on this forum are awesome and id rather support YOU than just signing up with any old company that has poor customer service.

    2. Instead of just posting 'buy this' all over my site i want to actually 'sell' the product, and thats where YOU come in . i want to add a "product reviews" section on my site and have your product at the bottom of the page for sale. Now i cant make reviews for all your products so im hoping YOU/ YOUR COMPANY can get me a review. A review doesnt have to be complex. but we can talk more about that in private.

    let me know if theirs any takers!

    in comparing my site to others in my nich mine has a good chance of competing with some of the top bass fishing websites in time. and for me to have only one sole advertiser will be a great for your company!

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