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    Double check those 1099's!
    I just got my 1099 from allposters, and once again, it looks like they messed up. They overstated my commissions by about $1000. They had the same problem a year or two ago and didn't notify anyone until about a month later when they sent a corrected 1099. I had already filed before that, so it was a bit messy. Hey, maybe they'll send me an extra check for $1000 to match the difference, but I don't think that will happen.

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    First thing I did when I received my Linkshare 1099 was compare it against my records and surprise, surprise... it matched right down to the penny! After the mess last year with them I was happy to see that!
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    I received two 1099 forms from allposters. They are of different amounts and neither say they are corrected. I tried emailing them and got no response, so then I called, but just got a voicemail so I left a message. Anyone have a direct contact there?

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    One thing to watch: if the 1099 is over-inflated, it could be a sign of someone at the company "hiding" profits through affiliates. A company can tack sales onto anyone's 1099 and effectively hide where that money originally went. The unsuspecting person who gets an inflated 1099 pays the tax on that amount, not the actual person who got the income. Happens a lot with unscrupulous companies in the real world. No reason not to watch it online, too, where it can be harder to trace exact amounts of commission earned, Keeping good records of all payments throughout the year can make it easier to check against 1099s when they come in.

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    Wow, I must be naÔve, I really never considered that. Iím so happy that I found ABW, there is so much to learn! I guess Iíll be spending some time going through the 1099ís and checking each one.

    Thanks for the info!
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