I have been researching options to include PayPal payments for my products and services, but since my company is based in Poland (EU), I am only eligible for PayPal buyer account. The result is that I cannot sell with PayPal directly

I found several 3rd party services that include the option of PayPal payments without the need for the merchant to have its own PayPal seller account.

1) RegNow.com - great, but they do not accept selling services. Discarded
2) CCNow.com - as above, they do not accept services. Sad.
2) eSellerate - they accept PayPal and accept services.

Are you aware of any other payment gateways, that accept merchants selling services and allow PayPal as a payment option, without the need for the merchant to have they own PayPal account?

I would be also very grateful for any comments about eSellerate (I will only use them for PayPal payments.