It appears that Netobjects is going out of business. Awww. I like that program. Very easy to use, and it creates very light pages.

Any suggestions for a good replacement?

Any info on the buyer of the fusion product, websitepros ?

Here's a writeup from

NetObjects, Inc.: Company Report

NetObjects fell just a bit short of its net business objectives. The company provided software tools and professional services for building and managing Web sites. Products included NetObjects Fusion, which integrated design and data publishing with site building applications. NetObjects sold its Enterprise Division, which included its e-commerce and collaborative Web site design tools. Despite cost-cutting measures, in September 2001 the company announced that it was shutting its doors, and soon after it sold eleven of its patents to Web publishing software make Macromedia and agreed to sell the rest of its assets to privately held Web designer Website Pros. IBM owns 48% of NetObjects.