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    Just wondering. For those who use Axill... is there a delay with reports?

    Just added Axill links to my webpages early this morning. I have generated traffic to offers since 6am but the Axill reports dont show any clicks or sales yet. My data shows that I have had approx 1200 clicks for Axill offers. Checked my links... they all work correctly.



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    The anwser is listed as fine prints on Axill login/home page

    "* Your payment will be made only when your Lead / Sale is approved by the advertiser.
    This may take 1 to 7 business days depending on the offer.

    Your get paid daily - so your leads is only reported on the day you would get paid for the said leads. Usually "leads reported" to "leads paid" is only a few hrs apart.

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    Ahhh... thanks for the reply. That is the first answer I have been able to get.

    I called to ask someone at Axill. The phone number listed on the website wasn’t a business phone number. It was a personal phone number for someone named Jay who works with Axill. If the business is over sees (as some affiliates have claimed) maybe he is a local contact to answer calls.

    He spoke English but not very well. He couldn’t answer my questions about this and I had a very had time understanding him. He told m in the future to email questions.


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    Axill stats 24 hours delay- But Pays everyday

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