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    Question Can I use more than one merchant?
    I have reviews that I have written and have adsense. I also want affilite logos in the article.

    Say and (or some have the same product. Can I use both of them on my site at the same location and say "Pick One"?

    Thank you.
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    Absolutely! If you're an affiliate of &, you can very well promote the same product from both of them on the same page. Put up your affiliate links for both Amazon & (or some other merchant). Your visitors can decide which merchant they are more comfortable with.


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    You can use as many as you want (within one website), Johnny. I do not know of any merchant that opposes anything like that in the program's TOS.

    Best of luck and welcome to ABW (haven't met you around here before)!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Geno - RussianLegacy
    You can use as many as you want (within one website), Johnny. I do not know of any merchant that opposes anything like that in the program's TOS.
    I do. Staples. Behold:

    3. Exclusive Office Products Supplier shall be the exclusive Office Products Supplier on your site. You agree that you will not (directly or indirectly) allow any other person or entity whose business is the sale of office products to sell office products on your site or link their site to yours in connection with the sale of office products. For purposes of this agreement, ‘Office Products’ shall include (but not be limited to) office supply consumable products, consumables, paper and paper goods, computers, computer accessories, software peripherals, computer media, office supply technology equipment, business machines, and office furniture.
    Nice, huh? Given than they have yet to reply to my application, I suppose I shouldn't worry about it.

    There's a reason army's wear uniforms even though it makes them easier to spot. Sometimes that's what you want. Uniforms suggest organization, power, and numbers. These, in turn, inspire fear. And, as any good operative knows, there is no more effective weapon than fear.

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    It's no problem with my program. We love to go against our competition.

    However, it might be helpful from your perspective to learn as much as you can about both merchants and look for ways that they are different. Not necessarily negitives, but positives that you can use to contrast and compare each merchant. They are bound to have different strengths and if you mention those, then your visitors will have a way to pick which one is right for them. In the end they'll thank you for it and conversions should go up for both.

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