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    REI Needs Affiliate Manager Help
    Just catching up on some old emails and this one from REI is a mess.

    The following coupons are available for you to promote on your site. Please remember that if you do not find a coupon within the affiliate interface or the newsletter, you are not authorized to post it. You must post the exclusions as noted at the bottom of the graph. Thanks for your cooperation."

    Then it lists about 6 coupons, the type where you need to grab the link.

    "To use one of the links featured in this newsletter, simply copy the entire code as it appears in the box below or next to the appropriate image and paste it directly into your web site."

    First of all there is no code in the newsletter to gram or in the link area. Then:

    "If you've already added self-updating links to your site from a previous REI Affiliate Newsletter, you won't need to cut and paste again just sit back and watch them update. For more detailed instructions, please visit the Help Section in your LinkShare interface."

    They're on CJ now.

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    First of all there is no code in the newsletter to gram or in the link area.
    Thats good. I thought I might have been the only one who couldn't find the code when I got that newsletter! Wonder if anyone actually checks the newsletters that they send out to affiliates??

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    That sucks. I really used to like shopping at REI at their brick-n-mortor store for all my backpacking needs. Extremely friendly staff & amazing return policy. All in all a big fan of theirs. Too bad that they are doing sloppy things with their affiliate business.

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    They took about 2 months to approve my application to join - in the meantime I found that they have lots of links with parasites - so I haven't bothered.

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    REI - is a great B&M..
    But they do not take their Affiliate Program Seriously...

    I USED TO BE with them.. until I tried to contact them a couple of times..
    Never got a response from any AM.. so their links came down and I switched over to BackCountry.. Better Pay out... they take Thier Affiliate Program very seriously... and the AM's have always been excellent!

    Is REI still only paying affiliates 6%.. not a very competitive rate for that type of business...

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    I have my gripes with the REI program as well. I've emailed them numerous times over the past couple years without a single reply. Their support is terrible and I really don't push them as much as I could because of that.

    - Scott
    Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

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    Many merchants are that bad. I've talked with several, and most never improve (until they switch affiliate managers).

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    Alot of affiliate programs are ran by employees of the merchant. Employees that already have other jobs and responsibilities so they see the affiliate program as an inconveniance of just having another task and more work to do. Employees (most of them) don't care... plain and simple.

    The merchants that see thier affiliate program management as a job itself are the ones that do good with their affiliate programs.

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