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    Not sure if this is the right forum for this.
    I joined a few merchants at shareasale. When I went to their sites, I discovered they list rather boldly other merchants that I am already affiliated with. I would assume that I can lose sales if the customer I send to the original site then clicks on the other sites links. (Are they affiliates of each other?) Am I looking at this the right way? If I am right in my assumptions, then I will not use these merchants.
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    You're right in your assumptions :-)

    This is common among "low-value per-lead" merchants. (Email registrations for contests, and newsletters, etc)

    These unpaid links out are often referred to as "leaks", and some of these affiliate programs are essentially "repackaged" affiliate deals where the only reason they can pay you what they do per lead is because of these leaks.

    Whether it's worthwile promoting an affiliate program with leaks basically boils down to whether you'll personally make more money going for the "middlemen" or going directly to their "sources". (The answer to this isn't always obvious, and sometimes they have a better deal than you'd get if you went directly to their "sources")

    Oh, and many "per sale" programs have leaks too, but they're usually not as obvious - or at least not as prominent.

    Of course, ideally an affiliate program shouldn't have any leaks - but there are an occasional good one that does, and some that have gone "too far" into a point where it gets ridiculous. :-)

    (Generally speaking, I prefer programs that aren't "repackaged", but there are some exceptions.)

    Hopefully I made sense :-)

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    Cazzie, I was sending a lot of targeted click throughs to several merchants over there and could not figure out why I was getting nothing in return. I finally got around to ching the sites out better and my mouth dropped when I saw that they were sending traffic I sent them else where. These were some of the Plus size merchants pay per sale at Share a sale. Needless to say I pulled all of them.

    Knut, I agree with you on trying to decide whether it is worth promoting a merchant that leaks to other sites. Mostly the game sites. When I first started I wouldn't join any sites that had the same merchants as me. Then I finally tried one and haven't looked back since. With the freebie sites I think you have to go with them whether they share the same merchants or not. As for the pay per sale. That is a different story IMO. <IMG src=>

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    The merchants I was refering to were Plus size merchants also. Guess we really have to go out and check sites very carefully!
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    this is something that i feel strongly about, i think it should be generaly accepted among affiliates that we simply dont promote such sites, i prefer merchants that dont have any outside advertising, i think its acceptable for merchants to sell a little advertising space, its ok for them to have someones banner on each page but really they should be in the buisness of doing buisnes

    if they are not ready to close the sale and are more interested in in sending traffic elsewhere then they are not serious about their affiliates

    equally bad are merchants that rely on other merchants, funnymail for example, to qualify for a lead your referal must also sign up with their merchants, this leads to a couple of problems, firstly it means that you are sending them a high percentage of free leads since many will sign up through your link but not all will also sign up with the funnymail merchant, also, these deals dpend on the third party merchant paying up and i heard a rumour once or twice that some merchants dont pay their affiliates (yeah really! honest!)

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    I agree. With per sale merchants, they have to perform pretty darn well if I am to bother to promote one that has leaks :-)

    (I think only two of the ones I regularly promote has them, but I do better with them than their competitors, so I still use them)

    Also, sometimes the leaking isn't so obvious: I visited one merchant the other day and found that they tracked and re-directed depending on the country of the surfer. (Being non-US I was re-directed to a full-screen ad for some mlm company (an unpaid link)...)

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    Agreed that you have to weigh each one. In one case, I mention on my pre-sell page the two "leaks" for one merchant, since many are indeed searching for them [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] , and many of the clicks go directly from my page to the "leak" merchant via my affil code.

    However, when iMaternity was bought out by, and I visited the new site...I am now going to redo all the pages (they were very new and I doubt that google has found them yet) with a different merchant. If your mouse is off a bit at iMaternity, you are sent off to without a cookie crumb for dinner. Basically the main iMaternity page is now a funnel to their other sites.

    In general I stay far away from merchants who have other merchant links on their front page, though there are the few exceptions.

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