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    The "stock" field in the datafeeds
    Hi everyone.
    I received some complains from some merchants and finaly from a Linkshare op that told me to eliminate the products that are out of stock.
    The problem is that all of them were merchants who had "1" on every product in the datafeed, or didn't had a stock field at all.
    In this case, how can one remove the product?

    Why is no Afilliate show on webmastersradio fm anymore?

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    Different merchants use the field differently, so you'll need to look at how each merchant uses it and do something different for each one. Welcome to datafeeds!

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    Yeah Michael...
    But if they don't properly suport the stock field, why they ask me to extract those products that are in no way marked as OutOfStock?
    I obviously can't just delete my database content and replace with the new one because all my links would change and thats not good for the search engines.

    And WHY do they complain... I mean what happened is:
    -the user clicked an out of stock product, he got redirected to the vendors main site.
    -there he used a phone to ask for more info, and eventualy a replacement product.
    So another item was sold over the phone.
    My comission=0.
    So why do they complain?
    I don't....

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