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    SubID Reporting R.I.P.
    Funeral services for SubID reporting are scheduled for 2/24/06. In working on SubIDs obituary I am missing several important pieces of information.

    I know SubID is scheduled to be killed on 2/23/06, but I don't have a birthdate. Maybe one of the older affiliates will know that. Any knowledge of SubID's religious affiliation will also be appreciated. Likewise it will be helpful to know any other organizations SubID has contributed too.

    I am also not sure of SubID's cause of death. It appears to be an execution, although I am not sure of what crimes SubID committed. I am guessing that some day DNA evidence will exonerate SubID from whatever heinous crime warrants his execution. I am generally an anti-death penalty advocate but if SubID somehow electronically spawned synergy analytics or athena, I will understand the need for an execution in this case.

    But maybe its not an execution. Maybe SubID is just not enjoying being on the Linkshare team and that SubID's death is an Oregon style assisted suicide.

    The other alternative is that SubID is being murdered. Is it possible that SubID has insider knowledge of tracking problems or "shutter" parasite statistics and needs to be shut up to protect others.

    To summarize, in order to complete SubID's obit I will need - Birthdate, Religous Affiliation, Organization affilations and Cause of Death. Any help is appreciated.

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    can i just get an answer to a simple question?

    is SUBID working when you have been accepted/registered with the LS signature yes or no???

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    It appears to still be working and frankly, you can still add subID accounts which seems really stupid to allow newbies who don't know any better, only to tell them in a couple of weeks they don't work. If you go to Your Account, Sub Affiliates, all the subid boxes are still there, you can still add new subid accounts and there is no statment anywhere that this is being discontinued.

    As a matter of fact, I just went in and did an experiment. I tried creating a new banner link and, yep, you guessed it, SubID's are still included in the current links. Which means if you add any new links, you have to go in later and add the signature stuff. Just how lame and stupid is this that LS can't get their act together on all aspects of this SubID and signature thing????
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    Let's all have one minute of silence in memory of subid reporting.

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    A minute of silence on ABW?!?!
    Pay no attention to that woman behind the curtain. -Wizardress of Oz

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