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    It's Party Time!!!
    The resignation of the Messer's is the best news I have had in months. It's time to celebrate! I'm taking the wife and kids out for a nice dinner tonight.

    Darn, too bad we have to wait a year to nominate this somehow for the Best of 2006 awards. There are so many categories that something like this would fit in to.

    Hmmmm, I just had a thought....lots of times it is not the decision of the person stepping down to resign but in many, many cases it is the new owners of the company that tells folks they can either leave or be fired and they give them the opportunity to resign graciously (and we all know how gracious the Japanese are).

    I guess we will never know, but as I was the first to speculate that the Messer’s were doing all that crap last year in an effort to sell, I have to tell you I've got that gut feeling again that this resignation was not all the Messer's doing.
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    It's really hard to tell. If I was suddently tens or hundreds of millions of dollars richer, I'm not sure I would continue to do what I do. Then again, I might. I enjoy it.

    The fact that they are both resigning seems to indicate that you might be right, though.

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    Oops. Missed this post before I said about the exact same thing in the official announcement thread.
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    I have no inside information but this scenario is pretty much SOP when privately held or closely held companies are sold. The contract frequently requires the principals to stay on for a set period of time to transition the company to new ownership.

    When a company's privately held the personalities of the owners play a much larger role in business relationships. The transitional period isn't just about transitioning the mechanics of running the company, it's also about retaining the goodwill of business partners, suppliers, employees, etc.

    The Messers exit date was possibly determined at the time the contract of sale was executed.

    No great loss, IMHO. I wish them well but somewhere far, far away.

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