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    Dracula goes to Rome and checks into the Grand Italia Hotel.

    The bellhop, after bringing in his coffin, asks if there is anything he
    can do for him. Dracula says, "Yes, there is," and lunges for the boy's
    throat. After draining the blood from him, Dracula throws the bellhop's
    lifeless body out his bedroom window. The body lands on a policeman
    stationed in front of the hotel. The impact sends the policeman sprawling to the ground.

    Meanwhile, Dracula still has not satisfied his bloodlust, so he goes
    into the hotel's hallway and grabs a chambermaid. When finished with
    her, he throws her drained body out the same window. This body, too,
    lands on the unfortunate policeman, who has just managed to dust himself
    off after the first assault. This time, however, he was knocked cold.

    A half hour later the police commissioner arrives on the scene and
    manages to get the unconscious officer back to his senses.

    "Officer Vetillo, can you explain what is going on here?" the commissioner asks as he looks at the dead drained bodies on the ground.

    "I don't honestly know, sir. All I know is that drained wops keep
    falling on my head."

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