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    Affiliate Program Blog's - Useful?
    I run several merchant programs and just wanted to get some people's thoughts on blogs for affiliate programs. It seems to be a trend on the rise - but what do you guys think of Merchant blogs? Are they useful to you as affiliates? Do you prefer the forum format that has been adopted on abestweb? Let me know what you guys think.

    Matt Moore

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    I prefer email first because everything is in one place. If you're talking about a forum format not on ABW but on your own site, just don't have the time for it. Of course i have hundreds of merchants but maybe for some affiliates that only work with a select few and maybe your bigger affiliates. Blogs, I have a growing list of merchant blog urls but it's usually the same stuff i get in emails. Maybe send out an email and ask your current affiiates what they prefer. As long as merchants keep sending out affiliate emails, I'm good, that's all i need.

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    I had a blog on blogger for a merchant I was AM for. There was some success with affiliates. Yet only a handful. Actually, I wondered if posting all those links to new products being blogged wasn't helping the merchant more than affiliates. It ranked pretty good on a trademark search.
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    I like the idea of Merchant blogs. I find them very useful. If the blog has substantive content, I add it to my RSS feed.

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    I love the blogs - rss feeds rule, I actually have them set up so I check my linkshare merchnats using myyahoo. my shareasale rss feeds go right to my google homepage etc if you want an good example check out amwso blog
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