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    Has anyone had any luck with

    The only thing I don't like is when you click on their web site a pop up rolls in over their home page with an offer for a credit report. This, to me, is just as bad as someone plastering their 800 number accross the screen. It draws viewers away from a link that we had hoped to make a commission off of.

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    I think the job boards are hurting. There are too many job seekers and too few companies posting positions. I recall a message from HotJobs that they were no longer going to pay for job seekers. They may have reversed that. I think Monster only pays for employers or paid customers in their resume writing service.

    As for the ads. I think that several of the boards were anticipating that ads would be their main source of revenue. I can't fault them for carrying through with their revenue plans.

    There have been some killer surveys showing that less than a percent of workers got their jobs through job the sector is hurting. I think it is a low yeild area for affiliate sites.

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    A few 75c leads.. I wasted a lot of time on this one :rolleyes:

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