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    Affiliate Marketing Videos From A Recent Event

    Listening to Understanding Spyware: Ben Edelman on Spyware on the very bottom.

    Also see lots of others videos with
    Todd Crawford, VP of Sales, Commission Junction
    Steve Denton, Senior Vice President Client Development, LinkShare
    Asif from GoldenCan

    lots more

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    From the list of names/actors it sounds R Rated At least the video has a hero, Ben!!!

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    Thanks for that link Trust.

    BTW, there is a lot of info there, I just spend two hours watching the first two videos, I guess I still have more videos to watch. :-)

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    Better resolution is posted at
    Guys I'm working on a high quality version.
    Check out Ben's presentation at

    This is a new site I'm working on so please don't judge it right now.
    All content should be completed in 10-15 days

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    You have the datafeed presentation on the Ben Edelman on Spyware link. But I'm watching that one now, I see Connie, and Asif from Goldencan, Sean Crotty from Ebay and some others.

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