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    balance dropped without any transaction or correction
    my balance dropped by almost $100 without any new transactions or corrections.

    ok, i see it now. they are posting the corrections on the month of the original transactions. this is pathetic. a merchant can reverse their transaction of months back, and the reversal (if you happen to be aware it exists) is a hassle to trace.

    putting another wool on our eyes, eh CJ?
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    Someone posted a better "New Transactions" link to bookmark a few weeks ago. Basically, it includes corrected transactions and sorts by posting date rather than transaction date. If you get into the habit of using that, it helps. (Of course CJ should change their default "new transactions" link to something more useful, but that's another story.)
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    hey thanks!

    the thing is that the default time period in cj is 30 days. any transaction earlier than that, if reversed, will not show up in the default report even if you sort it by posting date.

    for the reversed transaction to show up, one needs to adjust manually the time period to a max of 4 months, or to each previous month.

    it is doable but it's a hassle.

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