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    Advertisers may face public humiliation over adware

    What i posted years ago that I thought would work. It's usually big brands tied with this junk. Big brands that have spent millions building up the brand. You don't want any damage to your brand, you don't want your brand associated with this crap.

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    When big business is affected, heads roll.

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    Sometimes big brands will try to stomp over the little guy

    Let's hope advertisers will stay clear of spyware/malware
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    "There are well-intentioned advertisers out there that do not understand where their ads are appearing," Hughes said. "It is easy to shame those advertisers, but that does not solve the problem."
    BS. Let's put an amendment in Sorbanes Oxley that CEOs should know where there money as being SPENT, as well as where it's COMING from.
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    In 2006 the major networks, and their major budget merchant clients, will be seeing huge fines from monitizing the Adware/Spyware vehicle to advertise upon and poach sales from your competitors sites. Shame Shame Shame on your brand when the dirty linen is hung out for ALL to see.
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    Trust, great post, loved that article!!!!

    quote from the Feb 9, 2006 story you linked above:
    Aside from public humiliation for the advertisers, the adware and spyware companies also face the wrath of the FTC. Commission Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras, in a speech at the Anti-Spyware Coalition event earlier on Thursday, said the FTC would win the battle against adware and spyware.

    "The dissemination of harmful, unremovable programs that frustrate consumers' ability to control their own computers is digital carjacking, and we intend to vigorously prosecute it," Majoras said.

    Two things key in this quote...
    1) obviously, in the first paragraph, the FTC chairman has declared this is a war - that's great!
    2) the use of "intend" in the second paragraph infers the FTC is admitting they've done nothing (or next to nothing) yet - this is key for me - would not like to hear smoke blowing and BS at this stage, from the FTC.

    So they've declared war and the chairman has gone on public record as claiming they will win. Action and accountability - nice to finally hear something so clear come from the FTC on this front!

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    "digital carjacking"

    this is also GREAT!! a term the masses can understand!!!!!!!

    i'm going to start using that term a lot.

    digital carjacking.

    I hate digital carjacking!
    Digital carjackers should be locked up.

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    Thumbs up Great article!
    That's awesome!!

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