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    Feedback on OPM for Education Client
    Hi all--

    I'm a very recent re-entered the affiliate universe and I would like to get some feedback on a client's ( potential for improving an in-house program.

    My questions:

    **** Conversion ****

    We've worked with the client to move it from 0.2% to 6.1% on average for the various level of products/services offered.

    - How high does the conversion metric need to be for it to be attractive?
    - Are there any industry benchmarks? Any for education specifically?

    **** Commission Structure ****

    Presently fixed at 15% and one tier. We're willing to negotiate up with high volume performers.

    - Should we consider adding a second tier?
    - If so, what are the pros and cons?
    - What type of volume should we look at as "super" affiliate?
    - What type of bump in commission structure do they look for?


    T.R. Harrington
    OPM for

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    Lightbulb Question for Merchants / OPM - How to recruit and support affiliates?
    **** Supporting Affiliates ****

    First and foremost, I believe that there is far too little content offered to affiliates right now (one or two banners, buttons, links, etc.)

    - What type of marketing materials do most affiliates require?
    - What type of content about products and services do they require?

    **** Promoting to Affiliates ****

    - What are the best places to promote the program?

    Obviously, I plan to post announce the program in the Annoncement forum here but are there other quality forums? Directories? Narrowly targeted to Education?

    T.R. Harrington

    OPM for

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