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    msg to Linkshare - An idea to make the subid removal less painful
    How about checking which affiliates signed up for signature, which are now using channels.

    track the subid= parameter but change it to u= for signature affiliate or the equivalent for channel affiliates. That way, affiliates do not have to change thousands of links individually just to find out which site made a sale.

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    It has already been suggested that LS simply convert it on their end but they don't seem to understand that idea. Why CJ can leave things intact for years and LS cannot has not be entirely explained, but I'm guessing it comes down to the fact that LS outsources most of their tech stuff and the company they are using is just being difficult about this issue.

    But, give the lack of factual information provided by LS, I am just speculating.
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    Using "linkshare" and "less painful" in the same sentence is pushing things a bit.

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    So what's the latest deal on the expiring links or supposedly expiring links?
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