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    Suggestions for Next Year
    I'd like to suggest some changes for next year's voting:

    1) I'd like to suggest that ABW be excluded from the nominations or voting. It's like a no-brainer. Of course ABW is a wonderful tool and does an incredible service to the industry, but we all know that already. That's why we're here. But there are many other tools and services to the industry, and I think we need to recognize those too.

    2) I'd like to suggest that we break out "Best Affiliate Manager" into at least two or three groups. The ones I have in mind are: "Best OPM", "Best In-House Affiliate Manager", and "Best New Affiliate Manager".

    3) For the best post/thread, can we use a title or description of the thread instead of just the link? Like most others probably did, I had to click on each one to see what they were, then go back and click on each one again trying to find the one I liked the best.

    4) How about a category for "Best New Member". I would like to suggest that nominees include only those who made their first post during the year and that they exclude AMs and OPMs. I think this would be a great way to get some lurkers active and recognize those new members who help and share.

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    I agree with all of that Michael. I think there should be a Best Post and Best Thread category.

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    yes ,i would agree with MC on that,
    i also never even bothered with the best post/thread.
    for them reasons.

    its something to put to Haiko .
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    Sounds good to me
    Continued Success,

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    Agree too Michael, specially the part about ABW and best service, we already know = no-brainer

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    I agree with all the posts above!


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