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    September 8th, 2005
    Ebay Auto commissions?
    Hi guys.
    Happened yesterday, I'm puzzled...
    Two big sales:

    First one is an old Jeep for BIN $2,500 (private seller)
    Sale/Commission: $86/$34

    The other one is a breand-new Lexus for $37,500 (dealership)
    Sale/Commission: $37/$15

    Can anyone shed some light at these numbers? I would expect a bigger payout for a $37,500 sale.

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    Beats the shit outta me!

    Anyone? Anyone?

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    Did you contact eBay's affiliate support to see what happened? Something smells fishy here.

    - Scott
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    Okay... I'm just guessing.

    On the Lexus listing page there's a link to eBay financing center:

    So, I'm thinking - the buyer financed the car through eBay, set up a payment plan, and made the initial payment. That would explain the $15 commission.
    If this is how this works - I should be getting additional payouts every month until the car is paid off.

    Makes sense?

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    Hmm. Looking at the eBay listing fees, it should be at least $80 in total for the insertion and transaction fees. Your commission would be $32 on that. However, there's also something called Car Ads. I don't know if that's in addition to your auction or a stand alone thing, but it looks like the fee is anywhere between $9.95 and $299.00... so it might've been something like that. Then again, there might be a discount if they do ebay financing like you suggested they might have done. I'd contact the eBay affiliate managers to find out.

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    I don't think that they will pay you every month... Looks to me like you are owed allot more cake? I have a car site and I'm paid by leads. I thought about E-bay how does it work for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kimberly
    Can anyone shed some light at these numbers? I would expect a bigger payout for a $37,500 sale.
    The fees eBay charges for Auto Auctions are different from regular auctions. The closing fees at eBay motors are NOT based on the final price. It is just a flat fee:

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