Why is it every Tom, Dick, and Harry newer affiliate network does not give you the option to just close your account? And also, why is it when you email them, you don't hear back and they continue to send you emails, even though you specifically tell them not to, because you want your account deleted???

One network in particular canned their AM, sent a highly unprofessional email to affiliates about what a dumb jerk this guy supposedly was, and I hit the roof. I don't need to get emails from supposed professionals that read like a high school cock fight. I checked the site and saw no way to close the account, and then emailed them. THREE TIMES. No response. I just kept getting their emails. I finally had to log into my account and change all the info to wise ass comments and slurs, like my email is something like goaway@kissmyass.com, or something like that I used. I don't get their emails anymore.

There are two others that are on my LIST. And trust me, no one wants to be on my LIST.

Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest.