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    Just thought I say 'hey' to everyone [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img] I've never really been a fan of bbs's (I guess I kind of get addicted to posting) and somehow I don't feel comfortable going to new forums to talk about CJ. I think I'm probably just going to consentrate on my sites for a couple months and keep away from any forums. Hopefully CJ will get the shtick outta their @$$ and reopen their forums (no offense Haiko, your site is great, but having a bbs integrated into CJ's site just feels more 'comfortable'). Good luck to all of ya (wow Jada, $8k+ is awesome!)
    ps I won't respond to this, but I will read any responses

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    Welcome! <IMG src=>

    No offense taken at all and I do understand but this is the closest to "CJ" that we can get right now (CJ does visit and David Elam will be reading his forum).


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