Hey all,

I've not had much success getting traffic from Google (lately).

In my previous corporate life managing CPC stuff with Google, we had great traffic from Google although had to pay a premium for it.

Now I'm trying to send traffic to merchants as an affilaite and I've really struggled to get much, if any, traffic from my Google campaigns that I'm using to try to send traffic to my merchants.

1. Building landing pages, so that my site would be differentiated from my merchants.

Is one landing page with links to a merchant not deep enough? Anything you can share with me?

2. I've tried several different merchants and the only one that I've had LOTS of traffic from was for a Spyware company. I'm used to testing,testing, testing for ROI, but am kind of stumped by so many campaigns getting SO LITTLE traffic.

What should I do?

What resources do you use to keep up with what Google's up to in terms of Adwords?

Thanks so MUCH!!!