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    Another New Baby And If You Have An Aff Link
    I got a phone call from my best friend the other day that made my week. She called to tell me about her new baby she had just brought home from the hospital. After I picked myself up off the floor, I was so excited and happy for her and her husband. They have been wanting a child for years, but are not able to have their own. I've watched them go through all the testing and such for a long time. Evidently, last spring a young gal that knows my friend's husband through a business they own came to him wanting to borrow money to terminate her pregnancy. So he talked with her quite a bit and she agreed to have the baby and let them adopt the child. They hadn't told anyone about it in case the adoption fell through. They only told their family 2 weeks ago. Aunt KK saw her newest nephew the other day and what an absolute cutie he is!!

    Both of their families have been doing some serious baby shopping in those 2 weeks. LOL. After rattling off about 20 things that he needed, we finally hit upon something. So I'm looking for a piggy bank I can have personalized and will be the first to contribute to his college fund. So if you have an aff link for personalized piggy banks, PM or IM me the link. I need to order it asap so I can bring it to them for my first babysitting gig with him that I'm sure my friend has on the schedule for me already.

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    Cool Beans Kellie Congrats

    Just saw some cute banks at I am sure someone has an affiliate link
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    You have to ASK who has personalized stuff?????

    Hi, My name is Billy

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    That's such a heartwarming story! Congratulations to you Kellie, but especially to your friends!
    ~Lisa - Brilliant Mastermind, or Nut? You decide!

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