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    Dear Partner Weekly, Why?...
    Why do you place a nice full page ad in Revenue seeking publishers and then deny every application?

    Why do you ignore emails and voice mails from publishers?

    Why do you suspend publishers accounts for no reason?

    Why do you have a forum on Abest?

    Why do you have a website that states "putting publishers first" on it?

    I just gotta know....WHY!!!!

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    I had a couple of associates that were denied, and I simply had them write them back (sometimes it two e-mails) and their application was reviewed and approved. Keep in mind that PW likes to call people and if you don't answer your phone they usually deny you. Not the best policy, but I can see their point.

    I have never had an e-mail ignored by PW, and never a phone call. I have been with them almost a year (or is it more?). I have written and been in extensive e-mail discussions with them on various subjects.

    I had an associate of mine suspended for no reason and I told him to call. Apparently if you are not active for a few months they suspend your account. Also if you fail to answer your phone or it's incorrect or disconnected that will lead to suspension. I believe he had changed phone numbers, let them know by calling them and they reactivated him.

    I see the point of the forum at ABW and not using it. I hope they use it more, at least to get more advertisers.

    As for putting publishers first, we shall see in the next few weeks if the new "management" (I wasn't aware it changed over until today) will act upon publishers requests that have been put forth in the past year.

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    Number to Call
    If you were denied a PW account please call me. My number is 702.407.0707. You can press "2" to dial by name or just hit "0" and ask for me.

    Best Wishes,
    Joseph Lilly
    Sales Manager
    PartnerWeekly, LLC

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