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    Hello Everyone,
    I am starting this new web-side where I need to accept credit cards.

    My main buyers will be from the US (abt 80%) and UK(5%) and maybe from India.

    My budget is such as I can give about 1000 Dollars as setup fees and upto 3% as transaction fees. It'd be great if the card processing company deposits funds directly into my bank which is located in india.

    Please help!

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    Tough one to call! Since your not in the US I don't know that most companies will accept you (this is going to be your biggest problem). 2.35% is a good initial discount rate, you'll also have per transaction fees and monthly account fees $25 for Visa & MC another $20 for discover (don't know Amex fees), but once again since your not in the US the fees could be totally different :eek:. The funds transfer could also be very costly :eek:

    I'd say contact CardService International, click on your own link (they allow it) and see if they accept you ... if not, try Ibill and or ClickBank or even better your local bank.


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    Being in India, you may have a hard time getting a regular bank to issue you a merchant credit card processing account. You may have better luck trying to get a "piggyback" account in which the credit card processor is the one who shows up on the customer's bill. Last time I checked, both and accept sellers internationally. Good luck!

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