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    Hello Fellow ABW'rs,

    I am currently offering the domain name that I have been slowly creating as time permitted for sale. I have not even launched the site yet. I was still adding more tweaks to get it just right before launching.

    I have changed my marketing plan strategy and have decided not to market cell phone, ringtone, ISP, and broadband type services so that I can focus on another niche that truly interests me personally. is nearly turn key ready ... just tweak to your needs and it's live fast .. or launch it as is & it's ready now.


    So that you are aware of some of the SEO tactics we deployed.

    We have implemented the standard SEO tag uses, alt tags, title tags, etc. and have steered the bots through the sections for proper indicing. We are still waiting for the latest Google update to occur to see an honest reflection of our work ... but Google is slow as mollasses this period. I predict a PR4 to PR5 update result myself .. and the prediction tool appears to be saying about the same thing.

    Predicted PR Change from PR2 to a PR5 (note: predicted/not fact)

    More can be done SEO wise, but we were waiting to see how the first round faired out to know where/what we wanted to tweak next.

    /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// "Hot Zone" Offerings through MediaPlazza:

    Offers 62 Foreign Languages Worlwide Mobile StoreFront, 150 providers, the widest coverage in the Mobile Entertainment Market. Service & product offerings for specific country regions.

    Offers over 10,000 ringtones and 750,000 cell phones and thousands of other various cell phone related products at up to 25% commissions.


    We have intermixed some of the Telebay & Cognigen affiliate services by direct linking to specific sections and have fully branded the Cognigen brandable pages with a PDA-CELL logo.

    Example: and pick any main page content icon and note the logo inserted at the very top of the pages.


    Non-Negotiable FIRM Selling Price: $3,250.00

    If your interested, you can PM me here, or write to ray (at)

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